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Pawon Eneng

Are you looking for comfort food? Special Nasi Bakar with various choice of toppings; cumi asin cabe hijau, Abon, Cakalang, Chicken, and many more. Every bite takes you home #Cloudkitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Lopa Kitchen

Our big & melted risoles is ready to be served! Ready to eat or frozen? We can give you both, order now and we'll bring it to your doorstep #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Bakmie 4 Warga X Chic Lin

Try our Crispy Crust Chicken with your choice of seasoning and combined it with our delicious cwiemie completed with meatball, fried dumpling. Don't forget to enjoy it with your friends, family, and your loved ones #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Clean Canteen

Are you craving for Mexican Food? or Indonesian Food? ..or Western Food? We got it all covered! Shredded Wagyu Beef Brisket Rendang, Nachos, Tacos, Burger, Salad, and many more choices, order now or regret later #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Makan Bagya

A Mouthful of Happines! Try our crispy chicken menu and pick your own sauce and combined it with your favourite protein #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen


Calling all matcha lovers! Are you ready to taste our Premium Japanese Uji Matcha? a better choice for your daily caffeine intake, every sip of it will make you fall in love with our matcha drinks #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Baba Kassim

The first fast food in Indonesia to bring you Aromatic Indian Food. Choose your rice, masala or puree combined it with our lamb shank and chicken. If it ain't BABAKASSIM, we ain't munchin' #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Tokyo Kitchen

We are here to bring Japanese Bento right to your doorstep. Not only bento box, we also serve Japanese ricebowls with various choice of toppings #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Diet Box

A good diet meal in a box. Your favorite food but with much lower calories. Nasi uduk betawi, Nasi goreng pete, beef teriyaki, nasi telur geprek, matah, and many more! #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Quench Juice

Cleanse your body and soul with our freshly made Juice. Made from only chosen and fresh fruits, a cup of our juice will surely boost you mood and make your day #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Kopi Mandja

Need a coffee break? get your daily dose of coffee at Kopi Mandja! made of 100% Arabica Simalungun, brew with love and passion #CloudKitchen #TelepotCokitchen


It's Backmee o'clock!! Try our spicy noodle and wonton. Made with fresh, healthy, and delicious ingredients, our noodle will surely make your tummy happy! #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen


KukuKruyuuuk! It's time to wake up and have a good warm dish of our Hainan rice with steamed chicken, char siew chicken, or crispy chicken #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Sudut Asia

Are you craving for some comfort food? We serve you all kinds of Asian Food from noodle variant to rice bowls with various choice of protein and toppings #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen


One menoo for all! are you bored or confused about your meal today? We got you covered! Our wide range of Menoo variant is the answer #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen


Fresh bowl of Salad served with your choice of protein and dressing to start your day! Choose your favorite flavour and order now #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Bakmi Ciak

Who can resist a bowl of tasty noodle? Our housemade noodle will not dissapoint you! Perfectly cooked noodle with soft chicken and veggies completed with our secret spices. Order now or regret later #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen


Fasthy Healthy Food in Wraps. Are you in a hurry? is your schedule tight? doesn't mean you can't still eat healthy! try and order one of our wraps now #Cloudkitchen #telepotCoKitchen


Our Cold Pressed Juice is here bringing you the tastiest Immune booster, detox drinking, and healthy dessert! All are made with 100% Natural Ingredients #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Hainan Mertua

Straight from our Authentic Mertua's Kitchen to your doorstep. Bringing our signature hainan rice with your choice of topping, Poached chicken or rosted chicken or can be both! order now and enjoy our meal with your loved ones #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Kedai LOKL

Not your regular coffee! Try our Kopi Bubble Aren now, every sip will surely make you fall in love. You're not into coffee? don't worry we also have non-coffee drinks for you. #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Nude Kitchen

Diet doesn't mean you have to suffer! We have just the right solution for you. Replace your food with our healthy, gluten-free and guilty-free Food and feel the difference! #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Nasi Tumpeng TIMM

Who says you can only eat nasi tumpeng in a special day? Order our mini Nasi Tumpeng and make every day a special day #Cloudkitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Viand Bevande

Are you looking for something refreshing, healthy, yet still tasty? Our drinks and desserts are the answer! Go order now and refresh your day #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Tian Tang

Calling all Boba lovers and sweet tooth in Kemang!! Chewy Boba mixed with creamy texture of the drinks that will pamper your taste buds, order now so you won't regret later! #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Peco Peco Sushi

Do you want something other than the usual cake on your birthday? Let's celebrate your special day with our Sushi Cake! to add more fun don't forget to order sushi yaki and our other menu. #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Dapur Ruben

The legendary BFC is here to serve you Southern soulful finger lickin goodness! Juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, combined with our special sauce. Every bite will surely makes you want more and more #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Le Viet

Are you craving for something sweet, cold, and refreshing? Our drinks is the answer. Tea, milk, or coffee, accompanied with delicious waffle and croffle. Order now and refresh your day #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchenn

Eggo Waffle

The first egg waffle in town is coming to each of your door step. Serving you fresh and warm waffle with various choices of flavour and toppins, from the classic chocolate to special flavour like red velvet. #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Bakso Celup Singapore

Try one of our healthy yet incredibly filling menu. Soft meatballs, fish cake, lobster ball, veggies served with warm broth and your choice of carbo. #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Nasgor Bucin

Who can't resist Nasi Goreng? especially nasi goreng seasoned and cooked with love from Nasgor Bucin, each spoon will surely make you simp for the whole dish #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Jack & John Kitchen

Number 1 babi kriuk in town is coming to Telepot Co-Kitchen! The combination of crunchy pork skin with the soft tender meat that will melt in your mouth in a bowl, will make you fall in love on the first bite. #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Kokku Ramen

Our ramen is emphasis on special ingredients completed with side dishes poured with delicious healthy broth. Not only that we also serve you with other Japanese comfort food like curry rice, donburi, and many more! #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

Hong Tang

Are you craving something sweet, refreshing, and satiating? Our desserts bowl is the right answer. Healthy asian dessert in a bowl filled by your chosen toppings and favorite ice cream. #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen

1868 Curry House

Are you ready for the good taste and flavorful of our Curry? Combination of sweet and savory spices in a dish with deep flavor from the to spices. All you have to do is choose your favorite toppings and order now #CloudKitchen #TelepotCoKitchen


Calling all sweet tooth! Our cookie will melt in your mouth, literally. Combination of chewy cookie, molten filling and crunchy toppings will satisfy your taste buds for sure! What are you waiting for? #TelepotCoKitchen #CloudKitchen

153 Kitchen

A Collaboration of Pison, Cerita Manisan, Happy Chappy, And Lantern. We provide you a foodtastic experience through cloud kitchen, from Indonesian, Chinese, Western, to Fusion Gourmet. #TelepotCoKitchen #CloudKitchen

Oppa Corndog

Korean deep fried mozzarella cheese coated in a batter with lots of variant choices. From sweet to savoury, we have it all! Not just that, we also have topokki and other korean food! check out our menu and order your food now! #TelepotCoKitchen #Cloudkitchen

Niel's Kitchen

PREPARE your taste buds to be pampered with our delicious Fusion Food! #TelepotCoKitchen #Cloudkitchen

Kaka Bakes

Now you don't have to feel guilty after eating dessert! Try our gluten free, white sugar free, and dairy free brownies. Not only guilt-free, our brownie is moist, chewy and yummy. You'll fall in love at the first bite! and to complete your dessert we also have soy and coffe-based drink #TelepotCoKitchen #CloudKitchen


Here's come the Healthy Vegan Tasty Food! The Crispy outside and moist inside Curry Puff will make you want it again and again. Other than that we also have Coipan, and Cui Kueh! #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen


Best Cwie Mie in Town! Savory noodle topped with tender chicken, meatballs, and crispy pangsit skin. You’ll get addicted but don’t worry because there’s no MSG and its halal! #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen


Moo mooo.. it’s not a milk! It’s a sushi platter with combination of fish taste, rice texture and seasonings in the sushi is absolutely perfect. Feel all of its different elements merging together into one tasty sushi in one bite. #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen