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Dee Foodism

Are you looking for Indonesian Cuisine? From Pempek, Soto Mie, Patin Fish Soup and many other comfort food from Indonesia! Order now and fill your belly with our delicious food. #TelepotCoKitchen #CloudKitchen

Meal by Cooks

Are you ready for a full great meal? We're so ready to serve you! We have Super Bowl with wagyu brisket, secret sauce egg cream, fried shallots, scallions, steam white rice in the menu, or you could try the other menu! #TelepotCoKitchen #CloudKitchen

153 Kitchen

A Collaboration of Pison, Cerita Manisan, Happy Chappy, And Lantern. We provide you a foodtastic experience through cloud kitchen, from Indonesian, Chinese, Western, to Fusion Gourmet. #TelepotCoKitchen #CloudKitchen

Oppa Corndog

Korean deep fried mozzarella cheese coated in a batter with lots of variant choices. From sweet to savoury, we have it all! Not just that, we also have topokki and other korean food! check out our menu and order your food now! #TelepotCoKitchen #Cloudkitchen

Doner Kebab

Seasoned meat stacked turned slowly on the rotisserie, sliced into thin shavings as it cooks and wrapped along with veggies and special sauce into perfection. You want more? we also serve kebuli rice, pita fries beef, and many more. #TelepotCoKitchen #CloudKitchen


Have you tried our specialty bowl? the crispy yet juicy chicken with creamy salted egg sauce melt together creating deliciousness. Don't hesitate, click on our menu and order your food now! #TelepotCoKitchen #CloudKitchen


Bringing Yakitori and other Japanese food to your homes #TelepotCoKitchen #CloudKitchen

Niel's Kitchen

PREPARE your taste buds to be pampered with our delicious Fusion Food! #TelepotCoKitchen #Cloudkitchen


Are you craving for something Creamy? buttery? crispy yet juicy? We have just the right solution for you, Our Malay butter chicken ricebowl! The smoothness , creaminess, and tenderness will surely make you addicted to this delicious bowl #TelepotCoKitchen #CloudKitchen

Kaka Bakes

Now you don't have to feel guilty after eating dessert! Try our gluten free, white sugar free, and dairy free brownies. Not only guilt-free, our brownie is moist, chewy and yummy. You'll fall in love at the first bite! and to complete your dessert we also have soy and coffe-based drink #TelepotCoKitchen #CloudKitchen


Here's come the Healthy Vegan Tasty Food! The Crispy outside and moist inside Curry Puff will make you want it again and again. Other than that we also have Coipan, and Cui Kueh! #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen


Sexy hottie …. chicken?! Yes! You’ll love it and you’ll crave for it everytime! Try hot menu all the time crispy fried chicken with all trending sauce that you ever imagine, join the HYPE! #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen


Have you ever heard of Chicken Nanban?! Fried chicken with sweet and sour Japanese sauce added with furikake and tarutaru sauce. Beside that, Truffle aburi chicken is another great option that you can try in YUKS BOWL! #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen


Dig into something BIG, JUICY, and absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS! Three Guys Burger present juicy beef patty doubled up with the cheese in a freshly oven bun. We knew that you’ll love it! #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen

Chick N Beef

You can't decide whether to eat chicken or beef? Well you can order both from us. Rich flavor from our well-cooked chicken and beef will make you order again and again and again! #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen


Best Cwie Mie in Town! Savory noodle topped with tender chicken, meatballs, and crispy pangsit skin. You’ll get addicted but don’t worry because there’s no MSG and its halal! #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen


Local food never goes wrong! Crispy fried chicken and duck seasoned with mixed spices complimented with the aromatic sambal. Add on the sweet and sour soup to delish your lunch or dinner. #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen


Craving for American food?! Philly Cheesesteak or Quesadillas or Chili dog? We have it all here in Little America. Order now and get the juiciness from the rib eye steak and savory taste from the melted cheese. #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen


Moo mooo.. it’s not a milk! It’s a sushi platter with combination of fish taste, rice texture and seasonings in the sushi is absolutely perfect. Feel all of its different elements merging together into one tasty sushi in one bite. #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen


Gooey rainbow grilled cheese toast, Fillin’ with the variance options of sweet and savory mozzarella that brings joy in every bites. Pleasure is made by cheese! #TelepotCo-Kitchen #CloudKitchen